Friday, July 13, 2007

what's my age again? - for the record, i have never called myself a blink 182 fan.

Sitting at my desk, fingernails freshly coated in red, I ponder:
Being 21 really, really sucks.

I now have the freedom, and therefore the obligation, to hang out with my friends at the bars they usually go to.
Wednesday I went to The Local, where some striking young dude asked me to set him up with my friend Sam. Which is both, um, considerate and mature.
And then tonight I went to Estoria, where I stood awkwardly in a circle with 3 girls and one dude, until another dude came along. This brilliant strategy split the group so that the first dude could get up the courage to zero in on the one he really wanted, leaving the other girl and myself to talk to the most boring hippie on the planet. Literally stuck there, talking to this dude about "social networking" as a profession.

When did we start getting younger?

Where did all the uplifting people in my life go? I feel like I used to be a part of this community that supported one another. Now everyone just kind of dodges through and around each other.

In other news, Ratatouille is really good. As is the new Harry Potter.

Also, someone tried to steal my room mate last week. Not as in "hey, I want you to come and pay rent with me". More like, "hey, i'm going to follow you home in the middle of the night and camp outside of your house because the police won't show up for at least an hour" kind of way.
I am extremely dissappointed with the local police department. And I want to move.

Also, do you have a little brother? I want to meet him.

The End Today.

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