Monday, April 9, 2007


Yesterday my friend Jen Reardon informed me that her son told her that he missed me. I live approximately 6 houses down from them. I walked over to see them and he told me that he does in fact miss me, and that he loves me.

Margo and Matt Yoder brought their daughter Anna to childcare on Sunday. When Anna got to the door and saw another girl there instead of me, she drew back because she "didn't want a different Katie".

This morning I woke up with my cell phone against my ear (as I sometimes do) and found myself on the receiving end of a phone call from Tara Campbell. She called to tell me that her daughter Kate was in the car singing "I love Katie Culp I love Katie Culp I love Katie Culp".

This is my whole life, and I'm happier for it.


Nikki said...

ha ha. that's funny that i find your blog now, since i was that infamous "other girl."

kids are beautiful and i hope that those kids will love me too, knowing that you are irreplaceable.

i wish you the best in italy.

katiewhitecoat said...

i'm so afraid that when i come back they will have forgotten about me! and they will say "no, i don't want a new nikki!"

but i agree. seeing kids on a regular basis has dramatically improved my life, and the way i see beauty.

i can't wait for you to see the kids' art work that will be hanging in the cafe on sunday. it's so magical.