Sunday, April 29, 2007


Last night my feelings got hurt, and in the wee hours of the morning I posted a vent-blog about it.
It wasn't even about me. It was just hating on everyone else for being self-centered.
I'm really praying that no one read it before I was able to delete it.
The sad thing is that it brought out how self-centered I truly am.
And I had indulged the "what about me" attitude that I claim to hate.

It's been deleted.

I am no longer scared about my trip to Italy and then Germany.
I couldn't be more happy about getting out of Atlanta for a while.
As it turns out, there are fewer and fewer people that I will miss.
The people who express the most consistent care for me range in the ages of 5 months to about 9 years of age.
They are the ones who I will wish I could talk to.
They tend to be more transparent with their feelings than the rest of us.

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