Friday, August 31, 2007

in a crunch.

So, because of undesirable situations/ relationships I decided to quit Rathbun's before I found another job. I can take it. No big deal. I'm happy to have to time to study.

Also, apparently they don't respect us enough to give us proper employee meals... because everyone who ate the macaroni and cheese (myself included) yesterday got a nasty case of food poisoning.


Courtney shall be moving out in October, and the original plan was to be moving out as well... however... I'm having a bit of trouble rounding up some room mates. Also, the one girl who was planning on moving in for sure is now having to wait a bit longer before she can move out of her house. Which is totally understandable.
However, I'm in a bit of a spot. I either need to find somewhere else to live, or someone to take Courtney's place by October...

So, now I need to pray and trust the Lord that everything is going to work out. I'm really not stressed. But maybe I should be.

Your turn: put the pressure on Octane to hire me.
and find a place for me to abide!

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Anonymous said...

hey! call me over this weekend. Lets see what we can do about this. I did talk to the one employer. She is going to think about what exactly she needs and wants and then email me.