Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I don't know why I choose to be so open on this thing... but bear with me. My life is truly splendid, and I thank the Lord for that. But all of that can be so boring to write about.
In conjunction with that, I've been meeting boatloads of people in the past few weeks. Maybe I'm naïve, but I really feel like I've been able to glimpse into some of their souls, and they're such beautiful creatures.

In conjunction with that, I'll tell you a story:
This past Sunday was "Health Day"* for Lazarus Ministry. It was one of the most touching things I've ever seen.
I was standing with Jason Campbell, talking about nothing in particular, when I was approached by an older man who had just eaten a hardy meal and sang a song for everyone on the karaoke machine. He was very spirited, and checked my name-tag to make sure that I was indeed Katie. He had been tipped-off by a fellow named Rob that I am a monster Tom Waits fan. Then, he launched into this uncanny impression, reciting a monologue from one of Tom's songs. I can't speak for Jason, but I was floored. A few statements were exchanged, and then for some reason we broke away.

Driving to school this morning I was listening to Mule Variations. Track 3, my favorite, "Hold On" started up. I couldn't help thinking of this dude. My heart was weighed down wishing that I had heard this guy's full story.
And so I committed in my mind that if I ever saw this man again, I would stop to talk to him.

And then, naturally, there was a fire drill during my exam. I was standing outside talking to this boy from high school that I hadn't seen in years.
And then that man walked by. By the time I realized that I was still talking to this kid, he had disappeared into the crowd. And I didn't bother looking for him. In a moment I chose to keep this typical jock kid comfortable instead of following through on a promise I had made just hours before. Maybe this guy needed to know that he's remembered. Maybe I needed to talk to someone who is truly interesting. But I didn't.

And I'm really ashamed of it.

*To make another long story short, a few blocks of Ellis Street in downtown Atlanta were blocked off so that we could have a mini-festival with the homeless. They were able to get free health screening, followed by free BBQ, tables to sit and eat while watching their friends sing karaoke, free hair cuts, free nail care, free clothing, and some live performances. It was really a site to behold.

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Anonymous said...

ahh. I often find myself with that dilemma. Or when I honestly don't have the time to talk.

I would recommend asking God to put that man back in your path. So that you can find out his story.

I love you sweet katie!