Wednesday, June 4, 2008

maybe she's born with it... maybe it's pms.

My girls have left the country. Now who's going to eat with me?

Both Tom Waits and Daniel Johnston will be playing in Atlanta within two weeks of each other. How much money am I going to spend? It doesn't matter.

Trinity softball started yesterday. Everything hurts.
I pitched the whole game and then got bulldozed by a 3rd baseman in the last inning.

Let's not tiptoe around this: I got really angry. Like, sinfully angry.
Is it acceptable to talk trash at a church softball game?
Oh, I guess I forgot why I quit playing sports.
The injuries don't bother me, the practice doesn't bother me... it's the fact that everyone thinks that if they were in someone else's position, they wouldn't make the same mistakes. I decided it was time to quit sports when God asked me to get over myself. I assumed He would ask everyone else to do the same.

And when I originally found out that there would be multiple teams, I said I wouldn't play. Why? Because that inevitably means that there would be an A-squad and a B-squad... and I just think that's sick. I decided to play again when they formed our own league of bunches of teams.
However, there's still an A-squad, and the rest of us are B-squad.

Maybe listening to people talk trash about something as unworthy as pitching is a good thing. It's the most anyone from church has thought about me since I left for Italy this time last year. Wow... as I wrote that, I realized that it's true.

It's a really, tremendously fun time.
You may not believe me, considering the rant above...
But all the things that I'm annoyed with are really just crap.
People will wise up, or I'll just callous myself into not caring.

Man, so much stuff happened in the last month that I'm too over to even talk about: Landlord drama, unlivable stench, dead animals, homelessness, bondage-breaking forgiveness... whatever.

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Sarah Rose said...

I'm so excited about going to Taqueria when I get home. GET READY.