Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dear goodness, my self-esteem took a beating last night.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I think I'm a pretty fantastic girl. It's not like I think I'm super good looking, but it actually kind of surprised me to learn that my group of guy friends would take just about any girl on the planet over me.

I learned this by playing one of my favorite little games where you verbally align 2 people, and the other person (people) choose their winner. It's kind of like those little, "Would You Rather..." books... but more like "Who'd You Rather..."
I was the only girl present, and normally I NEVER include myself in the runnings. I know where that goes. But once they asked me which one of them I would take over the other it was on like Donkey Kong.
That was really stupid.

I shouldn't be surprised by these things.
Being a ChaCha guide has taught me one thing: the only thing in the whole world worth talking about must be sex. How frustrating.
(Speaking of which, I sat behind someone in class the other day wearing a fraternity shirt advertising a hunting lodge, which read, "Chasing tail and stuffing beaver since 1905"... that guy is such a virgin!)

I guess the reason that I was surprised is because I thought that people who know me really well would at least like my personality.
I'm consistent, honest, and loyal... and I think that should be sexy.
But we've been indoctrinated by the media.
Me too. I'm not above anything.

Me? I'd take Philip Seymour Hoffman over most.
And Bob Dylan over ANYBODY.

It's ok, guys... I know I'm petty.


bemyescape said...

i'd take bob dylan over most as well. good choice.

katiewhitecoat said...

dude. today, maddy mcdaniel walked up to me and said, "bob dylan is the ugliest, creepiest, and least talented guy ever!"

and i said, "no, my child. he is everything a man should be!"

i think i won that one.