Tuesday, October 16, 2007

fun's over.

I took it upon myself to dye my roots and hair. What did I do? I got redish/black hair.

I decided not to get my front tooth bleached inside, because I didn't want for my dad to spend $250 on my vanity.
So, today when they put the permanent cap in the back of my tooth, my dentist took it upon himself to "correct" my imperfections without asking.
Did you ever notice that my left front tooth is longer than the right one? Not anymore. D.D.S. robbed me of my favorite natural quirk. Now I have a perfectly symmetrical brown front teeth.
Hey, here's a thought, jackass: why didn't you just botox me? Because I obviously want what everyone else does.

Now I regret everything I've ever done to tamper with what God gave me. I wish I never started dying my hair. I feel terrible about it.
I wish that I were back to a pale, freckled, dirty blond. I feel like such a fake.

Be on Britney watch. I may shave my head.

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