Friday, October 12, 2007

I've really had the best week.

In spite of 4 exams, and a root canal, and other biological ailments... I have really had the best week.

I did as well as I could have possibly done on all 4 exams.
I ate at Chinese Budha.
I went to the Farmer's Market.
Shawn mowed my lawn as a surprise... because he's amazing.
I made a really good pitcher of sweet tea.
Klaus has been especially cute.
The Office and 30 Rock were great.
I finally got to watch Heroes with Sam (sad that my list includes tv programs).
The weather got so cold.
I saw Devin.
Sarah and I made horse noises.
I thrifted.
I had a heart-to-heart with Zach. Who I love.
I got my phone replaced for free.
My new nannying job is perfect.
I have an interview with the only place I really want to work at.
I just had a really nice glass of wine with a group of people who make me laugh.
And this weekend Lauren is moving into my room, and I'm moving into the room that Klaus loves best (I will miss you, Courtney).

There are so many things that I'm forgetting.
But life is so good.

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