Sunday, October 21, 2007

only me.

After a hardy Carvers lunch on Friday afternoon, I opened my mail box and pulled out my water bill.
I hung up on the person who I was speaking to.

My bill was $2,427.20.

How in the world could a girl who showers but once (maybe twice) a week, flushes about once a day, crippled with paranoia about the draught have used this much water?
My bill is generally $11-$30 for crying out loud.

I had my water completely shut off on Friday. Before that I filled up 4 IKEA storage containers with water in our bathrooms so that we could live out of basins. It's pretty cool, actually. Kind of gross, but enlightening. It's good practice for when we RUN OUT OF WATER IN 3 MONTHS!

But seriously, City of Atlanta, I'm finding out that there are lots of people with bad water leaks. I mean, I haven't met anyone else who has 5,000 gallons of water A DAY spilling into the earth under their house... but... any amount sucks. Especially right now.

I'm expecting a news team to show up at my house to blame me for the city's problem. Any day now. This could only happen to the city's filthiest girl.

Shawn and I drove out to some dark place in Marietta before dawn this morning to watch the meteor shower. We saw 3. I think we were facing the wrong direction. It was still really nice.

Oh... and... I did a hip-hop dance class with David and Jessie. It was humiliating. As it turns out, I'm a horrible dancer, and I swore up and down I wouldn't do it again.
But it was nice to actually move around for a change... so I might.

P.S. after learning about how little I shower/flush, I understand if you don't want to stand too close to me. I just can't help my convictions.


Samantha said...

for goodness sakes katie, why does it always happen to you?

ps: did a dance class once when I was 10 - still suffering.

News From The North said...

Yeah atlanta shut our water off a number of times because of an old account from before we moved in. They keep telling us the account is cleared.