Wednesday, May 30, 2007


so... i was awesome today.

there is this music store near the restaurant where we eat lunch every day. i went there today and found ''swordfishtrombone'' which i have been pretty anxious to own. i mean, i found lots of really random albums, including the sufjan stevens christmas album (34€), which i found strange for some reason.

what else does this store have?
a cute-faced store clerk.
it's hard enough to talk to boys in english. my italian was so bad that he just started speaking english right off the bat.
a little fact that i learned from my new amico: apparently tom waits has lots of friends in perugia.
but yeah, i'm now on the guest list for some bar party tonight where aforementioned cute-face is spinning... but i will more than likely not be able to go because i have to be at the train station at 8 tomorrow morning.

so, here's what i need:
i need a list of albums that you want that you can't find in the states.
keep in mind that this city is host to italy's largest jazz festival... so they'll have a really wide variety of jazz music... jason!

impress me.

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