Wednesday, May 30, 2007

my new favorite...

saint. Saint Francis. I'm way behind in the knowledge of those who went before me, but I'm feeling a certain closeness to him. Monday I went to Assisi. It was incredible. Saint Francis spent his life wandering through the district of Umbria, where I am at this moment. I can see Assisi from any window.

While walking against the wall leading to his church, we found a teeny tiny baby bird who had nested inside a small stone hole overlooking the building. It was so apropriate.

Today we went to a museum that is in our piazza. Thousands of portrayals of Christ. Each one made me weaker and stronger.


Cameron Lawrence said...

very, very cool.

Nikki said...

i too love st. francis. if you want to read good books about him, let me know.

weaker and stronger. amen.

i pray you're enjoying your time in italy. holly says hi.

katiewhitecoat said...

i would love to read a book about him. a lot.

and give holly an electronic hello from me as well!