Wednesday, May 16, 2007

La Festa di Ceri

Ok. Now I can say that everything I've ever done is small potatoes.

Every 15th of May in the city of Gubbio, thousands and thousands of people come to celebrate life, fertility, the Patron Saints, and community. It's this connection to pagan life and the church. Kind of like how Christmas is based on the winter solstace.

We went.

I want to describe every part of it. I took pictures of everything I saw. But really, I just can't. It's not enough.

I don't know how to express the amount of joy that we all felt when the 3 men mounted their posts to build the ceri. How hysterical it was to see them running around the city carrying 800lb monuments. The people dancing, cheering, and singing. The poor musicians who ran through the city wearing white, blowing horns for hours and hours on end.

When the statue of Saint Ubaldo (the Patron Saint of Gubbio) was carried through the streets, thousands of people crowded through, praying and grabbing at his robes. I have a really terrible video of it.
Water everywhere for verility and baptism.
Everyone wears white pants, a red sash around their waste, a blue, yellow, or black shirt (depending on the class of their ancestors), and red bandana around their neck.

I just... I really didn't know what to expect. I've never seen unity like that.

On a less serious note, La Festa di Ceri is kind of a ''coming of age'' tradition for young men. So... it was like... hottie parade.

And also, I'm kind of turning things around as far as class goes. How? I don't really know. One day at lunch I had 2.5 glasses of wine, and started to speak Italian very easily. My professor couldn't believe it. And since then I've improved a little bit every day.

I'm just very excited.


Cameron Lawrence said...

Now, wine is one study aid I never tried. I bet it was tasty wine, too.

katiewhitecoat said...

hahaha. yeah. well i'm so timid about talking to strangers that speaking in italian is nearly impossible! i'm soooo worried about making mistakes! but after a little 'liquid courage' (as someone i know calls it), i just spit out the words. i find that i can say and understand more than i thought.
it's almost worrisome.

Samantha said...


stephaniekay said...

it sounds like youre having so much fun, i'm so happy for you.

this morning anna had a royal FREAK OUT in sunday school, and she later admitted it was because you weren't there.

she is not the only one who is freaking out without you around.

have fun. come home soon.

katiewhitecoat said...

oh my goodness. stephanie... i'm not going to lie... hearing that is totally pleasing.
but i miss you so much! pretty please buy an international phone card and call me!


i mean... PLEASE!

katiewhitecoat said...

and samantha... you call me too. we need to make plans.