Saturday, April 5, 2008

pray for this.

It's been kind of a mixed month. I've been a bad student. My body is all out of funk. Maybe it's the time of year. This time last year I couldn't even drive myself down the street to school.

My goal is to have this knit before I leave for Italy:

I knocked on my roommate's door the other day. When she opened it I skipped the salutations and asked, "you realize that we're the only two virgins in Atlanta, right?"
She pointed out that there is at least one other. So... at least we're not lonely.

It's almost enough to make me regret not going to a Christian school. I mean, holding down the fort by myself hasn't been a problem, but it gets old when people (even of your own faith) constantly tell you how naïve it is to be so old fashioned.

Yeah, that was awkward... but I just came from a bachelorette party... so I'm feeling liberal. May be deleted in the morning.


Cameron Lawrence said...

Old-fashioned, eh? Yeah, I guess a lot of things are old fashioned--prayer, the Bible, living a holy life.

(Please note the heavy sarcasm.)

katiewhitecoat said...


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