Wednesday, February 14, 2007

and bury this bone. and take this pinecone. to knaw on it later, knawing on the telephone.

So, I find myself over-blogging on myspace... which is... lame. It's time I find a more appropriate outlet.

I find myself at a new beginning. The way that I should at the start of every day. It's just a cooincidence that I am starting a real "blog" now.
I want to serve my God. I want to see my God.
I don't want to be in school. But I will continue to be until He lays something before me. Not out of laziness. I don't want to be hasty.

It was a moderately good Valentine's Day. I got a little upset in the early evening (for no reason relating to romance, whatsoever). Then Brad and I went to Figo and each payed for our own meal. I filled myself to capacity with mushroom ravioli. Brad stole a rose from the vase at the front and gave it to me outside. I laughed, because we had just made fun of a man for taking one for his date. Brad. What a passionate dude.
Then PALentine's at Shaunna's, which was awesome. I have no idea what we played on wii, but it was the best game ever. I was winded. I need to work out.

I'm getting nervous about moving. My lease is up on April 15 and Courtney and I have nowhere to go.

That's about it for now.

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