Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I've had better.

Actually, it's been just about the worst 2 days ever.

I've been really sick since Monday.

So yesterday morning while I'm trying to relax and stream Braveheart over the internet, I hear the sound of some jackass banging on the side of my house. Georgia Power guy. Shutting off our power. I then had a 45 second fit of rage, where I slammed the door in Abigail's face (it wasn't intentional, I forgot that she was there), and then screamed at her giant dog for being in my room, then turned around to find 3-year-old Julian also in my room, told him to get out, which made him cry for like 30 minutes. I spent a few hours on the phone trying to access the account, which was only authorized under my sister's name, and then finally was able to pay for it, costing about $250. A few hours later the dude came back and turned it back on. A few hours after that while I was on my way to work Abigail called me because it went off again. Turns out that he did such a bang-up job on it that the breaker outside was loose.
And seriously, I know that I've written GA Power checks for the last few months. My sister, too. So, we're going to have to go through the trouble of proving that. We're not the kind of people to just not pay bills. We certainly have the money.

Then I had to do a million other things before I went to work.
And I just felt so awful at work.
And my mailbox is still broken.
And I'm pulling low Cs in all my classes right now.
And I had a paper to finish for today's class, which I had to email in because...(!!)
This morning I fainted. Yet again. This time in the comfort of my own home, found by Courtney curled up on my teal-green bathroom rug.
And the doctors gave up after determining that I'm not pregnant. Which is... just... genius.

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