Saturday, February 24, 2007

here's the truth:

The truth is that I'm upset that I wish people would read the blogs that I post (and the ones that I don't have the goods to post), and be as irate as I am. I'm not as upset as I am disapointed.
The truth is that I want to throw tantrums, showing everybody how lonely I get, and how in some way it's your fault.
It's... pretty childish.

The truth is that I always find myself wishing I could instead write something profound about the things that God has revealed to me. Or the ways in which I'm seeing His face.

The last truth: which, of coarse, is that I've been too self centered to worry about the silly things that God wants to show/tell me. I've become so hypersensitive to what everyone around me does and thinks because I'm not at all focused on the things that the Creator of Heaven and earth is whispering.

I'm just tired of my own way. That's all.


Troy said...

I read this blog apparently, and you accidentally used a homophone of the word course.

katiewhitecoat said...

i... well... damn.