Saturday, June 9, 2007

bad ideas.

So, it's a wonder to me how Italy isn't the rape capital of the world.

For the first time since I've been here I went out at night with the other students. I didn't plan on drinking, because I had had wine at lunch. But, I decided it was my job to sip my friends' cocktails while they weren't looking so that they wouldn't order more drinks because they were waiting for people to finish theirs. Mistake.

Let's pause from the story for just a minute.

What I like about Perugia:
You walk everywhere.
You can get alcohol in a to-go cup.
Every night and day there are thousands of people hanging out on the stairs in Piazza IV Novembre.
Everything in the world is in the main piazza.
The coolest spots for jazz fans.
Puppies galore. I mean rubbadoos as far as the eye can see.


Everything was fine until the bars closed, and everyone still wanted to dance. So, we went to this club called ''Domus''. By now, I think everyone in the world is completely slammed. There were these 2 old dudes circling my lady friends. I ended up blocking one of them kind of forcefully when they tried to close in on my friend.
Then he grabbed me by the arm and I could have sworn he was going to break my wrist.
He continued yelling, and I ended up walking myself back to the apartment. Alone. Drunkish.
This group of dudes approaches, and the next thing I know one of them has his arm linked in mine, whispering sweet nothings whilest he leadeth me astray. After the ''''s weren't clear enough for him, I threw my arms over my head, running away while making a sound comparable to the gentle roarings of a triceratops. When in doubt, freak them out.

So yeah, not a huge fan of drinking. I should have left before Domus. I knew it wasn't my scene. Being in there for the whole 7 minutes that I was, really killed my soul.

Alas, romance, you live in Perugia.

At least I'm ready to leave now.

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