Friday, June 29, 2007

memory loss.

Tonight I babysat the Yoder children. However, they were already asleep when I got there. So I read a little, watched some CSI, yada, yada... eventually I dozed off on the couch for literally 5 minutes.

Suddenly, I jerked up, looked to my right, and saw a little blond girl walking around crying "Mommy."

My initial thought was that I was still in Germany... which... alas... remains untrue. And because I thought I was in Germany, I thought this little girl was Emelia. But then I couldn't figure out how Emilia got so vocal, and why she would be speaking english. It wasn't until I reached down to pick her up that I remembered it was Anna, and that I was supposed to be the adult in this situation.
So then I poured her a glass of water, and tucked her back into bed.

A little while later on the drive home, I had to mentally map out the city to remember how to get back. And this is a place that I'm rather comfortable driving to and from. Not very complicated.

I may be losing my marbles.

And if I weren't too scared to walk around my own house alone at night, I'd figure out what in the world smells like straight-up dookie.

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Samantha said...

Happy Birthday, Katie!!!